Hatteras Island, North Carolina

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Let's work together

Henry David Thoreau wrote, "There is no value in life except what you choose to place upon it and no happiness in any place except what you bring to it yourself."

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Unplug & Empower

Yoga Retreat 2019 - TBA

Come rise before the sun, anchor into your breath and relax deeply. Tap into your subconscious, build your superpowers, and consciously build a system designed for achieving your goals.  Soak up the beauty of this sacred place, join forces with others, fuel your body with colorful food and connect with Mother Earth.


Unplug & Empower Yoga Retreat


Unplug & Empower
What it's all about

Oceanside Island HOme

Vegetarian cuisine 
Prepared with love daily


Retreat House

Six nights in a majestic oceanside home with beautiful accommodations. Amenities such as high-speed wifi, washer/dryer access, shared kitchen, pool table, 7-person hot tub, and bath towels. Each room has a full bathroom, access to sun deck, high-speed wifi and its own unique charm.


Choose Your Own Adventure


Let's join forces for the week

Let’s meet at the ocean on the new moon and tell each other about where we’re from, revealing long-held beliefs we didn’t realize we still had. Let’s move and flow, enlivened by the electricity of life, until we shake everything loose inside and see more clearly why we love our lives. Salty water will ebb onto the soles of our primal feet and the energy of the island will swell our hearts and activate our shine like a lighthouse switching on at night. We’ll face west and feel Mother Earth rolling gently backward as we feel more energy gliding over her surface to join us. We’ll catch ourselves sliding our fingers through the sand, digging for treasures, and we’ll remember to turn the search inward because all we will ever need is already inside us. We’ll renew our dreams and honor our individual adventures together as a tribe, agreeing to collaborate and bathe in abundance.


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