Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me (By Sarah Blondin)

I transcribed Sarah Blondin's Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me from her Live Awake Project, in the event that being able to read it might be helpful for you.

Although I do not know her personally, Sarah Blondin is a teacher and guide of mine. The beauty of her words routinely reaches my core and lights me up on the inside, something I am forever grateful for.

Thank you, Sarah, for being you, and I hope that you don't mind my providing copy of your piece.


Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me - Sarah Blondin, Live Awake

I wish someone would have told me, when I first began a journey into a life of my own, that where I needed to begin, was sitting on the floor with my eyes closed.

I wish someone would have told me that my first step, the first step anyone must take, is inward.

I wish someone had told me when I felt I had nothing to offer the world, that what I first needed to do was sit down and breathe; that all I needed to do was learn the practice of opening to and discovering the true self sitting inside of me, quietly, and that from there, the rest would come easier.

I wish someone had told me that my true value and worth would be found not through attaining or gaining, but in meeting this self.

I wish someone would have told me finding my way to her would bring me gold and riches that no worldly things could buy.

I wish someone would have told me when I was lost and desperate for direction and support that I was really longing to meet myself; that nothing else would soothe me until I first came to touch my own inner temple of divinity.

I wish someone would have told me when I was swimming in a sea of lonely thoughts, and diving into dark pits, that my highest self was calling me to these places, so I could come closer to my truth.

I wish someone would have told me I was being called into the dark under belly for great reason, that I was being called into the very center of myself, as to come closer to my root and bottomless source of light.

I wish someone would have told me when I began to run, divert, distract, overconsume, point fingers, overdo, fight, create drama - choose everything other than love- that I was running away from my own magnificence, that I was running from it because I didn’t believe it was something I possessed, because I didn’t believe in my own ability to give myself all I needed.

I wish someone had told me I was the only one who give myself what I asked from and wanted from another, that all I would ever want, all I would ever need, all I would ever desire, all I would chase and scour the earth for, was waiting there deep in the valley of my chest; that that, dear ones, was where I needed to start; that there, in the quiet of myself, was where I would find my eternal river of wealth and value; and that all I needed to get there was the breath in my chest and the patience and the willingness to understand that I was, and will always be, the answer I am searching for.

I wish someone would have told me that from going within I would learn that housed within me was a tremendous light, my truest version of self, a self free of suffering and story, my own personal guidance system, and a tremendous wealth of wisdom and knowing; that if I committed to going inward, I would be guided to my greatest life and most joyful existence.

I wish someone would have told me that from going within, I would meet the only person who could give me the love I longed for; the only person who could carry me through my darkest nights; the only person who could heal the hurt inside of me through unconditional love; the only person who could truly love me, and that that person was my highest self, the self who knew of my greatness, my capacity, my truth, my limitless; that there behind all the tremendous noise my mind created, behind all my resistance to the quiet, was all I had been busy looking outside of myself for.

We are stitched together from stardust; we are balls of light. We are limitless beings of all the wisdom we are in need of.

It is in us from the moment we are conceived.  Somewhere along the line, we got distracted from these truths, and are working to realign with them.

Wherever life leads you, whatever you must face, know deep inside the marrow of your bones lives your earth, your home. You cannot ever lose it. It can never leave you. No matter where you run to, no matter what rabbit hole you may fall down, you always have you: the you who knows of your magnificence; the you you will meet in the space you create for yourself; the you you will meet in your practice; the you you will meet when you drop all else; the you you will meet when you decide to say yes to finding the most light-filled journey through life.

Close your eyes now.

And bring your attention first to the rising of breath in your chest. Feel it filling up and around your heart’s cavity. And let your breath raise your frequency into the place of joy.

Feel your breath as joy, effortlessly moving around your ribs, and in and out of your nose.

Now bring your attention into your fingertips and see if you can find a soft, electric sort of hum, or energy, that lives within your fingers.

This hum is Source.

This is your essence. This is what you can bring your attention to if you are needing to find ground.

Now let all of the noises and distractions around you, and in your mind, fall away and out of focus.

Let everything soften in the space surrounding you. Let it blur into the background.

Tap into your breath again and find what remains. Find what is still here with you when all the noise has quieted.

This, dear one, is your center.

This is the sun-licked spot of earth that was born into you, that you were born into. This is home, where all fruitful life blooms and lives, where nothing can be influenced, touched, tarnished or hurt.

This is your wholeness, your authentic place of origin, the comfortable spot from which you choose to always live from.

This is the place where all your answers live, where you can find all you seek. This where you meet your own gods and goddesses within.

I want to take a moment to tell you - you’re here in this moment because your highest truth, your soul, is always pulling you ever so gently into your own light.

I want to tell you - you are doing so well, dear ones, at choosing what brings you more love; you are doing so well at listening to what will bring you great bliss.

I want to tell you that no matter where you journey, no matter what the landscape appears to be - that you are being held, you are being loved, and you are exactly where you need to be.

I want to tell you, dear one, that you are already enough, that there are no holes to be filled, no cracks to be plastered. You are already enough.

One thing you must never forget - you must only choose what brings you closer to love. Anything that brings you away from that is a thief of your one precious life.

Love has the power to heal all, disarm all.

Love is what will quiet your fear.

Love is the only thing that will bring you to your own blinding light.

Now open your eyes, and step back into the room knowing the tremendous wealth that lives within you, the tremendous wealth guiding you through this life.

-Sarah Blondin