Behind the Scenes: Making a Yoga Vid for the Root Chakra

I’m here at home on Hatteras Island, getting ready to shoot a yoga vid dedicated to the numba one chakra, the root chakra, the energy center at the base of it all. This gist behind the root chakra is knowing that you have what you need and knowing that you belong. The root chakra is the foundation for all the others. Relate it to Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and that'll put you right at the bottom of the pyramid, the basis of survival and stability.

So I’m over here, having my basic needs met, and very well met I might add. I have shelter, completely necessary with below freezing temps outside. I am warm and safe inside, with light, electricity, connection to the world wide web. I have food stocked, refrigerated, ready at hand to nourish my body and my family. Clean, running water course through the unfrozen pipes and I am feeling rested and clear-headed enough to put together a yoga sequence and get filmed in order to present it to you.

Now here’s the flip side. While I am extremely hooked up and my needs are covered, I still am sitting here with thoughts of unrest or dis-ease. I’m thinking things like I’m still cold in here, why does it feel like the vent is blowing cold air? What am I gonna eat for breakfast? Thank goodness we have more sourdough, that really sucked when it was out. I want another coffee but I have to get up and put it on. Are they going to like this video? Will I mess up what I want to say? I really want to the message to come through. Etc. Etc. Etc.

Survival and stability. Gross and subtle. Physiological and psychological. Needs and wants.


Today's practice

I came up with a flow, or a dance of energy you could call it, to teach on camera today. I’m going to show some yoga gang signs too, err, I mean a mudra. I’m looking forward to that. I want to dedicate today’s practice to the parts of us that are grateful for having all that we have and to the parts of us that are concerned with those needs being met. I want to dedicate the practice to the simple fact that we have days when we feel connected to our tribe, when we feel a huge sense of security, when anything came come our way and we feel strong and safe in our foundations, and I want dedicate the practice to the days when we don't feel that way.

I want to dedicate today's movements and breath to all the time we spend not feeling that way. Like when you’re not feeling very stable, when you don’t feel like you belong, when you have thoughts on repeat about what you want in your life and that what you have right now isn’t enough.

All that’s ok by the way. IT’S OKAY TO FEEL THAT WAY. It’s human. And nothing’s wrong with you.

The yoga poses that I want to film today will help you move out of your head and into the body. Into the body is where you’ll move your attention and the energy, and you’ll use the energetic intentions of the poses to bring more balance and harmony to whatever feelings, impressions, stories, habits, beliefs, thoughts are stored in the mind of the body.

This practice will stabilize. Will it magically undo years of food insecurity? No. Will it make your financial woes go away? No. Will it get rid of your insomnia? No.

What today’s practice can do though is bring ease and stability to your foundation, to your sense of belonging and security that is at the very core of you. It will slow the thinking mind down and connect you inwardly. It will connect you to Mother Earth in a loving, calming way. It will provide time and space to switch up your focus, to accept all the ways you feel and think about your relationships to money, food, sleep, your home, your community. It’ll help you tune in a little more into what thoughts are on loop and where they’re stored in your body and help you cultivate the sense of security and belonging that already is inside of you.