Pamilco Sound


Hatteras Island, North Carolina


Hatteras Island is about 50 miles long and it has about 30 miles of Pamlico Sound on its west side and the wide-open Atlantic Ocean on its east, not far from where the Gulf Stream and Labrador Current meet out in the sea. It’s a wonderfully energetic place to be.

I love how this island is constantly absorbing energy and evolving. I love the varying terrain, the marsh, the woods and the dunes, running all along the island’s spine. I love how the night sky here isn’t polluted by light and how it is even known as a Dark-Sky, one of the darkest on the East coast.

Hatteras Island is home to Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in Buxton, to 360˚ of wild, serene beauty, to the descendants of hardy explorers and famous pirates, to the graveyard of the Atlantic for its many shipwrecks. Local islanders are both natives and transplants, a community of families, fishermen, musicians, artists, surfers, kiters and more.

The island is home to many a creature, loggerhead sea turtles and dolphins, to a wealth of marine life and birds. It receives visits from humpback whales, great whites, and copious amounts of migratory birds and travelers of the human kind from all around the world.

 The secluded and captivating beaches of Cape Hatteras National Seashore are an amazing place for your yoga & meditation practice. The constant dance of elements here on this wildly gorgeous island serve as the perfect space to expand your practice and connect to your true nature.  


Connecting to the air element, to the clean ocean air, has its many rewards for your body and mind. The great expanse of sky above creates the atmosphere for thoughts, ideas and creativity to spiral freely in endless and open space. This spacious environment is the perfect place to focus the mind, refresh your entire system and renew your clarity.


Practicing yoga and meditation by water is a reminder our own ever-evolving nature. The water connects us to the constant flow of thoughts, feelings, moods, stories and patterns our lives - to the individual and universal currents that affect us everyday. The mesmerizing views of both sea and sound bring new understanding and acceptance of change and emotions.


Connecting to the Earth beneath you on Hatteras Island is a unique experience. As a barrier island, always absorbing energy, the island itself grows, in both elevation and in width. It slowly migrates toward the mainland, toward its source, an act of yoga (or union) in itself. You'll find a sacred stability here, connected to the precious exchange of elements.


Heat up your practice by the light of the great burning stars above along with the fire that you have inside. Our internal flames are stoked by the sunshine and starshine of Hatteras Island, as well as by a sacred bonfire on the beach. The interplay of elements here all comes back to support you, to live, passionately, creatively and authentically.


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