Unplug & Empower Yoga Retreat

Sunday, March 18 - Saturday March 24, 2018


Unplug and retreat to Hatteras Island, a sacred place to connect to your true nature and to the wild & serene nature surrounding you


What's included

  • Six nights in a beautiful oceanside home with private accommodations
  • Three nutritious, plant-based meals prepared in-house with love each day (except for dinner out one night)
  • Guided meditation before dawn & hatha yoga each morning after breakfast
  • Self-work prompts & workbook
  • Afternoon yoga nidra session
  • Personal time to indulge in miles of the wild & serene beaches of Cape Hatteras National Seashore & explore the local scene
  • 1-on-1 personal development sessions throughout the retreat
  • A personalized goal-centered yoga practice to take home, tailored to fit into your life
  • Props such as yoga mats, blocks, bolsters and blankets
  • Full amenities such as high-speed wifi, washer/dryer access, shared kitchen, pool table, 7-person hot tub, bath towels

daily Schedule

Morning meditation  ∙ 6 am

Breakfast  ∙ 7 am

Yoga practice  ∙ 8 am

Free time  ∙ 10 am

Lunch  ∙ 12 pm

Free time  ∙ 1pm

Yoga nidra 5 pm

Dinner 7 pm

Chill time  ∙ 8 pm

Bed time  ∙ 11 pm



    DAY 1

    Orientation  ∙ Reset  ∙ Masterpiece day  ∙ Root chakra

    day 2

    Rewilding  ∙ Your story  ∙ Second chakra

    day 3

    Parts work  ∙ Values work  ∙ Third chakra

    day 4

    Heartfelt desires  ∙ Sankulpa work  ∙ Heart chakra

    day 5

    Expression  ∙ Building a practice  ∙ Throat chakra

    day 6

    WHOOP process  ∙ Spiritual GPS  ∙ Sixth chakra

    day 7

    Liberation  ∙ Moving forward  ∙ Crown chakra


    How will the retreat empower me?

    • Enter the state of yoga nidra to reset your subconscious programs & implant new ones
    • Connect to your breath for improved focus & concentration and implement a healthy response to stress
    • Allow the yoga poses to uncover limiting beliefs, to access the subconscious mind, and to build strengthen in the body
    • Meditate to reveal your inner well of wisdom, unlock the answers you already have within and cultivate your calm & steady center
    • Receive your own daily personal practice and return home with tools to manifest your dreams and achieve your goals
    • Learn to alchemize challenges into fuel to live heroically in service to something greater and focus on the fulfillment of your dharma (purpose)
    • Spend time with others who are learning alongside you and connect with them, yourself and Mother Earth
    • Rewrite your stories, develop a sankulpa