Unplug & Empower Yoga Retreat



Unplug and retreat to Hatteras Island, a sacred place to connect to your true nature and to the wild & serene nature surrounding you


Stay tuned for upcoming retreat dates, coming soon!




What's included

  • Six nights in a beautiful oceanside home with private accommodations
  • Three nutritious, plant-based meals prepared in-house with love each day (except for dinner out one night)
  • Guided meditation before dawn & hatha yoga each morning after breakfast
  • Self-work prompts & workbook
  • Afternoon yoga nidra session
  • Personal time to indulge in miles of the wild & serene beaches of Cape Hatteras National Seashore & explore the local scene
  • 1-on-1 personal development sessions throughout the retreat
  • A personalized goal-centered yoga practice to take home, tailored to fit into your life
  • Spiritual care package & retreat gifts
  • Props such as yoga mats, blocks, bolsters and blankets
  • Full amenities such as high-speed wifi, washer/dryer access, shared kitchen, pool table, 7-person hot tub, bath towels, parking at the house*


*Please note: Transportation is not included.

Daily schedule

Morning meditation  ∙ 6 am

Breakfast  ∙ 7 am

Yoga practice  ∙ 8 am

Free time  ∙ 10 am

Lunch  ∙ 12 pm

Free time  ∙ 1pm

Yoga nidra 5 pm

Dinner 7 pm

Chill time  ∙ 8 pm

Bed time  ∙ 11 pm


Orientation  ∙ Reset  ∙ Masterpiece day  ∙ Root chakra

day 2

Rewilding  ∙ Your story  ∙ Second chakra

day 3

Parts work  ∙ Values work  ∙ Third chakra

day 4

Heartfelt desires  ∙ Sankulpa work  ∙ Heart chakra

day 5

Expression  ∙ Building a practice  ∙ Throat chakra

day 6

WHOOP process  ∙ Spiritual GPS  ∙ Sixth chakra

day 7

Liberation  ∙ Moving forward  ∙ Crown chakra

CHECK-IN & check-out:

Check-in begins at 10am on Sunday, March 18. Arrive at any time. You can indicate your expected time/day of arrival during registration.

On Sunday, the first day of the retreat, our schedule is loosely structured and based on the arrival times of you and other guests. That day you can expect lunch at noon, dinner at 7 and our orientation & initial classes will begin in the late afternoon/evening.

Monday thru Friday will mostly follow the schedule above. Based on the needs & wants of our group throughout the week, there may be adjustments to our schedule.

You must check out of the retreat house by 9am on Saturday, March 24. Our Saturday schedule will include morning meditation and breakfast.

Yoga nidra

Enter the state of yoga nidra to reset your subconscious programs & implant new ones


Connect to your breath for improved focus & concentration and implement a healthy response to stress

The poses

Allow the yoga poses to uncover limiting beliefs, to access the subconscious mind, and to build strengthen in the body

Meditate to reveal your inner well of wisdom, unlock the answers you already have within and cultivate your calm & steady center


Receive your own daily personal practice and return home with tools to manifest your dreams and achieve your goals

personal practice


Learn to alchemize challenges into fuel to live heroically in service to something greater and focus on the fulfillment of your dharma (purpose)

Spend time with others who are learning alongside you and connect with them, yourself and Mother Earth