Natalie helped me to gain the courage to begin my journey back to regular yoga practice. She has encouraged me to meet the practice where I am and to explore new ways to greet each asana as I grow older. Her incorporation of Hatha and Yoga Nidra in the practice has allowed me to fit both meditation and yoga into my busy schedule. I feel truly blessed to have such a caring, knowledgable teacher.
— Evan Ferguson, NC

I have truly loved my personal mini-yoga retreat with Natalia. Great practice with an enthusiastic and empathic teacher, who takes care of me and my moments’ needs. She is also a nice cook, the meal was excellent and linked to the practice! I recommend this experience and hope to have the chance to do it again!
— Andrée-Anne Lassonde, Quebec

Natalie is both conscientious and caring above all. She gives herself fully and authentically to that which lights her up in a way that both inspires and instructs others to do the same; to center themselves, to live life from the heart.
— Rory Kelleher, NC

Natalie demonstrates a sincere interest in others. She listens intently and with an open mind in conversations with others, making sure that the other person feels heard, validated and respected.
— Sheila Orth, NC

Natalie is one of the most incredible, genuine, beautiful people I know! She probably doesn’t realize this, but she constantly challenges me to be a better person and look at things differently all the time. So full of love and passion and energy! Amazing lady with a huge heart.
— Jessica Smith

Natalia is a soul sister to me. We were two chicks coming from coastal North Carolina destined to become friends in the jungles of Costa Rica.
This is one of the most genuine women a person can encounter.
I have always had an equal energetic exchange with Natalia. We supported each other through an immersion training, chanting mantras and planning trips. Her ability to hold space for another person whether it is curating a class together or guiding you through a meditation is innate.
— Meghan Kavanagh

I’ve practiced yoga for 7 years and have been fortunate to travel extensively over the last few years. My travels have provided opportunities to practice at numerous studios across the country and work with dozens of instructors. It’s been interesting to see how differently each instructor approaches what may be a similar set of asanas and the same type of yoga practice. Of these varied instructors, only several I would classify as truly outstanding and Natalie clearly falls into that category. Quite young, having grown up in southern California and now living in Hatteras she looks more like a surf chick than a shaggy mystic but she is a true guru. What makes Natalie stand out as an instructor is her combination of an old soul, a very soothing and reassuring voice, a true interest in her students as individuals, an in-depth knowledge of yoga history which she weaves into engaging narratives during the session, and a deep appreciation for the practice of yoga as a way of life rather than just something to do a couple of hours per week. Her approach to yoga enables her students to touch on the yama, niyama, asana, pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, and dhyana limbs of ashtanga yoga. I also sense Natalie sincerely hopes her instruction will help lead you to the 8th limb, samadhi, and a better place in the Universe.

My wife and I both look forward to the time we spend each week with Natalie. She has been instrumental in helping guide us towards becoming better yogis and stronger both physically and spiritually.
— Doug Hicks, PhD, SB, NC

My experience with Natalie couldn’t have gone any better. Very easy going and great to talk to, she made my weekend remarkable, sharing her story and her modus operandi. Her positive vibe rubs off and makes you want to pass it forward.
— Andre Gierbolini, Puerto Rico

This girl is one of the best types of people you will ever find. She has an individual and creative perspective of the world and is very happy to share it. It would beneficial for anyone to meet her and luckily her positivity and good vibes will rub off on you.
— Andrew Litak, CA

She has a great spirit and she is so open-minded. She can speak about everything and is able to listen to others and understand their point. Always smiling and ready to do something. Natalie is someone you definitively must meet.
— Loïc Blancher, Colombia

There are no words to thank Natalie. You made my stay very enjoyable. You taught me and our long talks have made me see the world in a different way, a great one. You’re an incredible human who always worries about the welfare of the other. I’m pretty sure that you already got a spot in heaven.
— Edgar Mendivil, Mexico

She truly is the kind of person who makes your day and the world better. I hope you will be as lucky as I was to meet her.
— Clément Cham, Colombia

The students love Natalie and feel very comfortable going to her with questions. She takes the time to learn each student’s specific needs and helps them achieve their goals. Natalie is without a doubt a fantastic educator.
— Loralyn Farris, CA

Occasionally in life, you come across people that have broken the mold. They’re the ones that usually achieve something special. Natalie is going one step further.
— John Perry, United Kingdom

She’s got a great spirit and energy to face anything. She’s that kind of person you want to keep talking with for long time.
— Mauricio Londoño Velásquez, Colombia

What a wonderful, curious, open-minded and adventurous girl! Natalie is very fun, intelligent, ready-for-everything and an easy-going person.
— Elena Yakimova, VT

Natalie is such a great person. Very social, friendly, independent, funny and easygoing. She is very smart and clever which I admire. She’s very passionate about her life and family. Oh, and she is a great cook!
— Cristina Chiti, Puerto Rico


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