Pamlico Sunset

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This 18-minute video is dedicated to all the many parts of us, to the parts inside whose job is to keep us fed, to ones who wrestle in their sleep through the night, to the parts who feel strong and stable and to the ones feeling disconnected or lacking.

Yogardenshine did a "Farewell Flow" for a treasured student who is off to grad school and we got the privilege of filming it. Find this and more at

I headed to Jaco, Costa Rica with my gopro, my appetite for adventure, my love for Mother Earth, and my pura-vida yoga-loving heart - and this is what happened.

I begin aspiring to visit Rio de Janeiro and hike to Christ the Redeemer as soon as I first saw the statue photographed, back in high school. I eventually manifested this dream, to travel to Brazil, and created this vid. Watch the ascent to the peak.