Yoga + Meditation

We can work together in-person in a number of ways


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An all-inclusive 6-day yoga retreat to unplug and immerse yourself in the wild, serene beauty of Hatteras Island while empowering yourself with the tools of yoga and connecting with others.

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Yoga Nidra

A deep-relaxation process used for healing yourself, relieving tension, and cultivating tools toward self-mastery. You will be guided through the meditation while resting comfortably on your back.

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Personalized Practice

A personalized practice tailored to your specific goals, with your strengths, limitations and energetic needs in mind, ranging from a powerful 10-minute morning ritual to a longer in-depth practice.

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Group Session

A 60-90 minute practice with others, designed to strengthen yourself on all levels, by challenging yourself with breathing, movement and concentration techniques while cultivating your steady center.

Check for scheduled classes or book a private group session.

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Yoga on the Beach

A mat-free yoga practice designed specifically for Mother Earth’s ocean-side classroom. Immerse yourself in the elements and soak up the beauty surrounding you while practicing the tools of yoga.

Check for class schedule (Spring thru Fall) or book a private session.

Wedding Party Yoga Description.jpg

Wedding Party Yoga

A beautiful way to connect family and friends before the big day, enjoying an ancient practice rooted in love.

Book your practice now for your special day.